Exercise 2

Participants of group 5:
Christine Cronwall
Pia Hammargren
Tomas Andersson
Filip Karlsson

Stefan Strömqvist


Exercise 2



Imagine a small computer program that lets you edit and update the address book of your cell phone. The assignment is to create icons for the GUI. They shall fit a standard button, meaning that they may not be wider than 22 pixels and not higher than 23 pixels. The icons are to be placed in a standard toolbar just below the menus. In addition to drawing the icons, we are to suggest a suitable order for them. Nine icons are needed:


Our intention was to use a simplistic design for our icons. We decided to do this by making related icons as similar to each other as possible, by using resembling colours and already established metaphors.

We started our work with a brainstorming discussion. Afterwards we could all agree about what symbols could become useful to work with. We seemed to instantly have the same ideas about what to do and how to do it. Some of  the icons were more difficult to create than others, e.g. the icon for "Upload address book from computer to phone". This because of the fact that it contained a lot of information, in the form of three symbols, which were difficult to fit in such a small area. We found that the colours of the symbols were very important and therefore we thoroughly discussed our options together before drawing.

The symbols were first drawn on paper before we started using computers. After this we split the task among us and worked separately with one or two icons each. All group members contributed to every part of the exercise.

Toolbar with icons in suggested order:

[Connect (to phone)] [Disconnect (from phone)] [New address book] [Open address book] [Save address book] [Download address book] [Upload address book] [Add new address] [Delete address]