Speak your mind: Designing for participation in public space


    Public places are one domain for dialogue and participation. This paper discusses how participatory design methods apply to designing for marginalized groups in society. As students we carried out this design project with a case from the city of Malmö and The EU initiative PERIPHÈRIA, with the aim to create an interactive concept for a soon to be built public activity area in the Rosengård district, Malmö, Sweden. Public places have historically been associated with men, and in Rosengård public after school activities such as football practice is dominated by boys. Therefore, we wanted to empower young girls to participate and express their minds. This paper discusses the outcome of using participatory design game and a prototype as communication tools, between designers and participants. Within the field of participatory design we argue that to be able to advocate the perspective of marginalized groups, designers need to consider their roles in a greater infrastructure in a Living Lab of stakeholders and be reflexive about your representation of the groups you are designing for.

    Participatory design, Design games, Place-specific computing, Empowerment


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