Researching Interaction Guidelines – Mapping Playful Quality to Design Interactive Products


    The interactions in IT supported activities in a Generation Y work context were studied and discussed, which general design guidelines have been revealed. However, further research about practical design guidelines hasn’t been performed. This study aims to serve as supplement of this part based on previous research. By applying contextual interviews of mapping interaction quality and Aesthetic Experience, some phenomena of interaction in work context has been revealed. By using sensitizing toolkits, we extract participants’ latent needs and expectation of future working types. In the end, practical design guidelines for designing playful interactions in work context are drawn. Designers could benefit from the result and utilize the guidelines, prototyping new interactive products. Meanwhile, researchers could apply or modify the sensitizing toolkits or sessions in order to come up with new insights for designing different interaction qualities.

    Aesthetics of Interaction, Quality, Design Guidelines.


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