Inspiring Coffee Breaks: exploring new ways and times to reuse old footage


    During the development of their projects, design researchers often gather large amounts of video material from interviews, user research, workshops and more, that usually is archived after the project is complete. In this paper we present a brief review of a two week project intended to explore the potential of re-using old research footage. It consisted of a big screen, placed in the common kitchen of the research environment, showing material from old research, sometimes associated with small activities. We will present how, based on our study, old footage can be reused creatively and how it seems to encourage students’ and researchers’ engagement in 3 main directions: creativity production, immediate conversation, and long term reflection. We noticed that the factors that affected these outcomes can be grouped under four main conditions: the event-ambient mode of the installation, the relevance of the content for the researchers, the ambiguity of information, and the presence of activities.

    User research, communication, inspiration, video, ethnography.


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