Can interactive toys augment social-learnability? An intercommunication approach for preschoolers


    This report addresses our Tangible interaction project and is presenting a working prototype based on a systematic design process. The concept idea was about creating two socio-interactive devices that intercommunicates feelings wirelessly, so that the users can tangibly interact with each other on distances. The focal market is the children between 3-8 years old. This entertaining project is beneficial to create a better relationship between parents and children, possibilities to help preschoolers expressing themselves through using the devices together with the concerning   ‘caretaker’   and   general   use   for   social communication upon desire. The final prototype was exhibited in the Interaction design Exhibition 2011 held in Kuggen.

    Tangible Interaction, Collaboration, Socio-interactive device, Preschoolers, Intercommunication, Haptic feedback


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