Affective prototyping – A theoretical proposal


    Prototyping is an essential tool in the designer’s arsenal, when it comes to making sure the concepts of your design fit the expectations and needs of your intended user. But it is a practical tool, created and used primarily to understand user experiences, explore design ideas or communicate design concepts. Affect is a well-known and well-researched topic, when it comes to analyzing finalized designs and concepts, but using it in the design process, as a tool to be used as other design tools, is another matter completely. In this paper I will try to outline the possible benefits of introducing a new way of thinking about what prototyping should try and accomplish, and what it can do in specific design processes. I propose to use the prototyping method to create affective link between the user’s experiences with the prototype and the final design product.

    Affect, Interaction, Prototyping, Design Theory


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