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Last update: 2011-02-07

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20110110: Web page put online.

The Chalmers | GU Game Jam is a local game jam event organized within the gameplay design course. It is located at the IT-university and other students at the school can join in at their pleasure (although we might have to spread out in the building, i.e. business as usual). The game jam is part of the Global Game Jam.

This is the second time we're running this and we're still running it on a shoestring budget, but hopefully we'll make this a regular and more open event.

The game jam has been, but links to the games created during the games can be found here.

Contact Person
Staffan Björk, staffan.bjork(.)
Erik Fagerholt, erik.fagerholt(.)

Imporant Links
Keynote:The opening keynote with Keita Takahashi, creator of Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy, will be available via youtube from 17:00 on Friday local time.

Achievements: or as the organizers like to call them, diversifiers. These are ways of setting challenges for yourselves that help you be creative as well as spreading out the types of games that will be produced. The are even more voluntary than the other parts of the Globam Game Jam, but most likely make you have a better time. For details, see the main Achievements page.
Promotional material: Several organizations sponsor the Global Game Jam by offering variuos software and memberships for free to those participating. To see what is available this year, see the main Promotions page for the Global Game Jam.

The game jam is mainly intended for students taking the Gameplay Design course at GU/Chalmers but a small number of other students are welcome to participate. Regardless of if you are taking the course or not, please send an email to Erik Fagerholt (email address above) to register and include "Gothenburg Game Jam" in the subject heading.

The game jam will take place in the studios of the Interaction Design Masters programme, Campus Lindholmen. The street address is:
Forskningången 6
412 96 Göteborg

Link to Google Maps.

Friday 20110128
17:00 Intro and presentation of theme and achievements

Saturday 20110129
09:00 Breakfast
11:00 Deadline for creating project account

Sunday 20110130
16:30 (?) Deadline uploading games

Games created at the 2011 game jam

Games created at the 2010 game jam
Games created by students from our masters at other game jams!

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