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HOME EXAM individual

The home exam will be available as a pdf the day after the project presentations, on 3 Dec.

Use references in an appropriate way, for example according to the Harvard system

The exam task is worth 36 points and consists basically of two parts. The first part (18 points) will inquire for an individual reflection on the project, and the second part (18 points) will inquire for other thoughts, reflections and learnings about the use of methods and thinking techniques within interaction design, related to exercises, course literature etc. To pass this assignment you have to get 16p.

Do not forget to answer the course evaluation, availble here until Dec 26!


The home exam will be graded on the ability to (critically and constructively) reflect about course related matters (like process and method related aspects being brought up in the project, exercises, literature, lectures etc.). Here are some guideline principles to exemplify the grading:

Points approximately corresponding to grade 3 (Chalmers) or G (GU):
Retell things that have been brought up in the course, in course literature or other related materials. Demonstrate a comprehension of methods and processes and able to give cause for and argue in favour of a point of view. To some extent also present own insights and points of view.

Points approximately corresponding to grade 4 (Chalmers) or G (GU):
Conduct an own line of arguments about methodological design work, think for oneself and put knowledge into new or other contexts. Analyse and position oneself in relation to matters of the course, choose a point of view and give good cause for it.

Points approximately corresponding to grade 5 (Chalmers) or VG (GU):
Critical thinking. In addition to the things mentioned above, be able to identify and present potential problems and imperfections with methods/methodological design work together with own suggestions of solutions. Choose a point of view and present constructive suggestions. For example, not only be able to give good causes for a new method within interaction design, but also be able to identify potential problems and shortcomings with it, and present suggestions of solutions.

Note that your home exam grade is only one part of your final grade in the course.