Locative Media and Sustainability - Resource Page


Locative Media and Sustainability (31 Oct. 2007) [pps]


Locative Media Overview

/ Locative Arts - Drew Hemment [pdf]
/ Leonardo Electronic Almanac - Special Issue on Locative Media [web]
/ The Locative Commons: Situating Location-Based Media in Urban Public Space - Marc Tuters [pdf]
/ Locative Media : A Literature Review – Nicolas Nova [pdf]
/ Vodaphone Receiver [web]
/ Projects database: Mobile Art [web]

Sustainability in Design

/ Sustainable Interaction Design: Invention & Disposal, Renewal & Reuse – Eli Blevis [pdf]
/ Ensoulment and sustainable interaction design – Eli Blevis and Erik Stolterman [pdf]
/ Environmental sustainability and Interaction (SIGCHI) – Jennifer Mankoff, Susan R. Fussell, Paul Resnick, Batya Friedman, Phoebe Sengers, Alan Borning, Eli Blevis, Jay Hasbrouck, Allison Woodruff [acm pdf] [p2121-mankoff.pdf]


Pervasive Gaming: The World as a Game-Board

/ BotFighters [web]
/ Backseat Gaming: exploration of mobile properties for fun - Liselott Brunnberg [pdf] [web]
/ iPerG [web]
/ Can You See Me Now? - Steve Benford, Andy Crabtree, Martin Flintham, Adam Drozd, Rob Anastasi, Mark Paxton [pdf] [web]
/ Touch-Space: Mixed Reality Game Space Based on Ubiquitous, Tangible, and Social Computing. Adrian David Cheok, Xubo Yang, Zhou Zhi Ying, Mark Billinghurst, and Hirokazu Kato [acm pdf] [20060430.pdf]
/ Interweaving Mobile Games With Everyday Life - Marek Bell, Matthew Chalmers, Louise Barkhuus, Malcolm Hall, Scott Sherwood, Paul Tennent, Barry Brown, Duncan Rowland, Steve Benford, Alastair Hampshire,  Mauricio Capra [pdf]
/ Mobile Bristol - Hewlett Packard [web]
/ Mobile Life [web]

Space Annotation: Media with Specific Position in Space

/ GeoNotes: Social and Navigational Aspects of Location-Based Information Systems. Fredrik Espinoza, Per Persson, Anna Sandin, Hanna Nyström, Elenor Cacciatore & Markus Bylund [pdf] [web]
/ Urban Tapestries - Proboscis [pdf] [web]
/ Yellow Arrow – Count Media / knifeandfork [web]
/ Grafedia [web]
/ [murmur] [web]
/ Tejp: Ubiquitous Computing as Expressive Means of Personalising Public Space – Margot Jacobs, Lalya Gaye [pdf]
/ Hundekopf – Brian House, Sue Huang (knifeandfok) [web]
/ PlaceMemo – Supporting Mobile Articulation in a Vast Working Area through Position Based Information - Mattias Esbjörnsson & Oskar Juhlin [pdf]

Location Awareness & GPS-Enabled Locative Media

/ Locative Media: A Brief Bibliography And Taxonomy Of Gps-Enabled Locative Media - Julian Bleecker, Jeff Knowlton [web]
/ ‘Location is not enough!’: an Empirical Study of Location-Awareness in Mobile Collaboration - Nicolas Nova, Fabien Girardin and Pierre Dillenbourg [pdf]
/ GPS Drawing [web]
/ Trace & Drift – Teri Rueb [web]
/ Syncopated space – wireless media shaping human movement and social interaction - Teri Rueb [pdf]
/ Biomapping – Christian Nold [web]
/ Net_Derive – Atau Tanaka [web1] [web2]
/ A Framework for Spatial Interaction in Locative Media - Atau Tanaka and Petra Gemeinboeck [pdf]

Radio Pirates

/ Bit Radio - Bureau of Inverse Technology [web]
/ Radio Transmissions: 7/11 - New Beginnings [web]
/ Key Chain Radio Station - Rikako Sakai [web]

Social Spaces

/ The Familiar Stranger: Anxiety, Comfort, and Play in Public Places – Eric Paulos, Elizabeth Goodman [pdf] [web]
/ Hummingbirds: Mobile Support for Group Awareness – Lars Erik Holmquist, Joakim Wigström, Jennica Falk [pdf]
/ MobiTip: Using Bluetooth as a Mediator of Social Context 
Åsa Rudström, Martin Svensson, Rickard Cöster, and Kristina Höök [pdf] [web]
Mobile Music and Locative Audio

/ Mobile Music Technology: Report on an Emerging Field - Lalya Gaye. Lars Erik Holmquist, Frauke Behrendt, Atau Tanaka [pdf]
/ Walking through sound - David Toop [pdf]
/ New Musical Interfaces in Context: Sonic Interaction Design in the Urban Setting - Karmen Franinovic, Yon Visell [pdf]
/ Sonic City: The Urban Environment as a Musical Interface - Lalya Gaye, Ramia Mazé, Lars Erik Holmquist [pdf] [web]
/ Performing Sonic City: Situated Creativity in Mobile Music Making - Lalya Gaye, Lars Erik Holmquist [web]
/ Malleable Mobile Music Making - Atau Tanaka [pdf1] [pdf2] [web]
/ SoundPryer: Truly Mobile Joint Music Listening - Mattias Östergren and Oskar Juhlin [pdf] [web]
/ tunA: Synchronised Music-Sharing on Handheld Devices - Arianna Bassoli, Julian Moore and Stefan Agamanolis [pdf] [web]
/ Location 33: A Mobile Musical - William Carter, Leslie S. Liu [pdf]
/ CaMus2 - Optical Flow and Collaboration in Camera Phone Music Performance - Michael Rohs, Georg Essl [pdf]
/ Designing Audio Aura - Elizabeth D. Mynatt, Maribeth Back, Roy Want [pdf]
/ Tactical Sound Garden [TSG] – Mark Shepard [web]
/ Hear&There: An Augmented Reality System of Linked Audio - Joseph Rozier, Karrie Karahalios, and Judith Donath [pdf] [web]
/ Audio Bombing: Magnetic Cassette Tape Graffiti - Mike Fleming, Kang Chang, Kyle Millns [pdf] [web]
/ Sonic Graffiti: Spraying and Remixing Music on the Street - Chia-Ying Lee [pdf] [web]

/ 34n118w – Naomi Spellman, Jeff Knowlton [web]
/ Seven Mile Boots – Laura Beloff [web]
/ Push!Music: Intelligent Music Sharing on Mobile Devices - Mattias Jacobsson, Mattias Rost, Maria Håkansson, Lars Erik Holmquist [pdf] [web]
/ The Bass-Station: A Community Based Information Space - Ahmi Wolf and Mark Argo [acm pdf] [p1-wolf.pdf]
/ Sound Mapping: an Assertion of Place – Iain Mott, Jim Sosnin [web1][web2]
/ Warbike: A mobile artistic sonification of wireless networks – David NG McCallum [pdf] [web]
/ Skatesonic – Codi van Toder [web]
/ IMPROVe – Richard Widerberg, Zeenath Hasan [web]
/ CosTune: Towards Forming Communities Using Wearable Musical Instruments - Yukio Tada, Kazushi Nishimoto, Tadao Maekawa, Romain Rouve, Kenji Mase and Ryohei Nakatsu [pdf]
/ Sonic Interface – Akitsugu Maebayashi [web1] [web2]
/ China Gates: A Work in Progress – Arthur Clay, Dennis Majoe [pdf] [web]
/ Nomadic Radio – Nitin Shawney, Chris Schmandt [web]
/ Sonic Fabric – Alice Santaro [web]
/ Craving, a Spatial Audio Narrative - Bernhard Garnicnig, Gottfried Haider [pdf]
/ The Case at Kulturhuset – Brian House, Sue Huang, Eugene Kim (knifeandfork) [web]
/ Critical Vehicles – Krzysztof Wodiczko [book]
/ Sound Lens – Toshio Iwai

Conferences, networks, blogs

/ Ubicomp  [web]
/ Pervasive [web]
/ Mobile music workshop [web]
/ PLAN (Pervasive and Locative Arts Network) [web]
/ Conflux [web]
/ Glowlab [web]
/ we-make-money-not-art [web]
/ Pasta and Vinegar [web]
/ Coin-Operated [web]
/ Mobile Audience [web]
/ Networked Performance [web]
/ Purse Lips Square Jaw [web]
/ Personal Debris [web]


/ Workshop on Ubiquitous Sustainability: Technologies for Green Values [web]
/ Did You Leave the Calendar On? Exploring trade-offs between availability and power consumption in the home - A.J. Bernheim Brush [pdf]
/ Imaginary To Dos – Myriel Milicevic [pdf] (in particular the part about body-activated artefacts)
/ Infrastructure and Sustainable Ubicomp – Amanda Williams [pdf]

/ RE: REempower and Recycle - Eric Paulos, Ian Smith, RJ Honicky [pdf] (in particular the part about re-purposing mobile phones)
/ paraSITE – Michael Rakowitz [web]
/ Glitch (Tejp) – Margot Jacobs, Lalya Gaye [pdf]
/ SiSSy – Smart-its child Surveillance System – Henrik Jernström [pdf]
/ Tom Igoe's sustainability archive [link]


Mobile file sharing / wireless control: peer-to-peer networking vs. ad hoc networking
•    Bluetooth
•    WiFi
•    Infrared
•    Opentrek

Tracking, positioning and placement
•    Phone cells
•    WiFi hotspots
•    GPS (Geotracing)
•    2D barcodes (Kaywa Reader + QRCoder)
•    RFID
•    User ID to phone (cf Yellow Arrow, Grafedia)
•    mobilephones (camera, mic) for positioning, recognition, gesture, etc [pdf]

Sensing and data-processing
•    Aduirno osv
•    BX-24

Content creation and manipulation
•    Mobile Processing
•    Python (+ Nokia forum, Mobilenin)
•    J2ME
•    PdA (Pd on PDAs, Linux):

•    SoundbugTM speakers & piezos
•    Flower Speakers (LET’S corporation, Japan, 2004), etc



/ Situationism in a Nutshell – Karen Elliot [web]
/ Theory of the Dérive – Guy-Ernest Debord [web]
/ Psychogeography [web]
/ Parkour [web]

/ Skateboarding, Space and the City: Architecture and the Body – Iain Borden [book]
/ Walkscapes: Walking as an Aesthetic Practice – Francesco Careri [book]