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Deadline for the personal essay is the 11th of Januar 2007 at 24:00h.
Send it in Word or PDF to Eva Eriksson eva.eriksson[a]

Purpose of the personal essay
The purpose of this task is for you to reflect upon the work and your development in this course, and also to demonstrate that you have understood what ubiquitous computing is. The essay will be a part of the examination in that this is one part of the individual character.

Content of the essay:

The theme and title of the essay should be any of the themes that you have discussed or that have come up during the literature seminars, or from the course literature.

The length of the essay should be 2500-3000 words, references excluded, and we will be very strict with this.

Pictures, illustrations, tables and so on are encouraged if this contribute to the content, but the length of the text is the same.

The essay should be a discussion of some ideas relevant to the content of the course, meaning ubiquitous computing.

There shall be a discussion concerning one or several aspects related to your project, but not something copied from the project documentation, meaning it is important to make it your personal essay.

The discussion can have an abstract nature, as for instance a discussion on privacy issues, or be more concrete such as for instance how to implement context-awareness into a specific situation.

There should be aspects of use of the technology and preferably of consequences of this (for instance of the individual, the family, society, and so on), and not just discuss technical questions, even though this can be a part of it.

There have to be at least five scientific references (articles, books, etc.), where at least three have been a part of the course material in for instance seminars. The references should be used in the text, and they show from where you have been inspired and adds credability to your words.

It is welcomed if you can relate your work to previous published research and/or products on the market, or trends of any kind.

It is important to clearly separate your personal thoughts from what other have said. It is important to argument for personal opinions.

It is welcomed to be critical towards things said or read in the course, but remember to argument for why you think as you do. Self-critisicm is also important.

Write your name in the essay, and name the file "first name_last name".