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Budget and economy for the projects

Each project group is allowed a budget of 1500 SEK maximum inclusive VAT (moms) to use for materials needed to carry out their project, in addition to materials that is already present in the studios. This money can only be used for buying materials needed for the project. Chalmers does not reimburse personal costs for phone calls, postage, travel, literature, food, etc.

You can decide on your own about smaller costs, less than 200 SEK. If you need to buy something more expensive than 200 SEK you should first consult with Anders or Eva. It might very well be the case that we already have the material you need, or we might be able to use Chalmers’ discounts from various suppliers.

Chalmers can only reimburse costs that are clearly project related, and accepted beforehand by your supervisor if the cost is higher than 200 SEK.
You need a written documentation (receipt) from the purchase. According to Swedish accounting law and practice, it must be clear from the receipt
-    what has been bought
-    how much did it cost
-    how much of this amount is VAT (moms)
-    who the seller is, company name and VAT registration number

If all this is not clear from the receipt you got, ask for a written specification (så kallat skrivet kvitto).

How to get your money back:
One person per group should handle receipts from the whole group. This person should hand in the receipts to Birgitta Magnusson at the Department of Computer Science, Campus Johanneberg, by 10 December 2005 or 20 January 2006. You need to specify a bank account, you cannot get money back in cash. You will get your money back within 2 weeks from these dates.

Important notes:

  • Staple your receipts on A4 paper, besides each other, not on top of each other.
  • Do not use tape to fasten receipts because the color from thermoprinted receipts might disappear. We recommend that you keep a photocopy of your receipts to be able to check that you get the correct amount of money back.
  • We can only accept original receipts, not credit card slips without specification of what has been bought, etc.
  • You must be able to motivate the exepenses in relation to the needs of your project
  • Remember to ask your supervisors befor you buy materials; we might already have the thing you need, or we can use Chalmers' discounts at e.g. ELFA, Farnell, Dustin and Clas Ohlson
  • You can buy materials at Clas Ohlson stores and use our customer account, so that you don't have to use your own money. Ask teacher for the account number and procedure. You will have to show your ID card for the cashier at Clas Ohlson. You also have to ask the cashier to note "Kostnadsställe: 37022" and "Referens: Olof Torgersson" on the purchase. An invoice will later be sent to Chalmers.
  • If you buy materials at ELFA or Matton, remember to show your Student ID to get 10% discount.
  • If you buy personal things in a store at the same time as project materials, make sure to get two separate receipts.