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Deadline for the report is the 22nd of December at 24.00. When the documentation is uploaded, send a mail with the link to eva.eriksson[]

The project report should contain the following::
The purpose of the project documentation is to provide a detailed description of the project, the process, the design decisions, the result and evaluation. A person with similar background as yourselves should be able to understand the project and the underlying thoughts, and also be able to recreate and re-implement the project based on your documentation.

 - Short abstract in Swedish and English

 - Background information and motivation. From where have you had inspiration? Have you based your ideas in previous research and projects? There should be a short description of this, there should references and links to where more information can be found, and a description of how you have used this inspiration in your work and how your project is positioned in relation to the work of others.

 - Use scenario and a defined user group for your system. If you have made a video, picture scenario or slideshow with pictures, then this should be in the documentation. Use of video to convey actual use of prototype is much encouraged.

 - Description on how you came up with your ideas? Why did you choose the idea you did? How has the idea been developed and realised during the process?

 - Technical description of the implementation. There should be detailed descriptions of the components, wiring diagram (kopplingsschema), source code with comments (preferable in a zip-file). There should be links to manufacturers, supplier, data sheets of components or technology that you have used or based your project on.

 - An approximate cost analysis of the components and the material for the project.

 - Evaluation of the idea or the prototype.

 - Discussion and reflection of the project, preferably in relation to other research.
 - A description of why this project is a ubiquitous computing project.

 - Project website with general information.

 - Should contain pictures of the design process in various steps, technical documentation including links to suppliers and datasheets, hardware schematics, downloadable software. All with enough detail to enable someone to reproduce the artefact developed in the project.

 - Detailed written project report as downloadable PDF file

 - Optional: Video documenting various research that was conducted or demonstration of final prototype

The website should contain the following:
The purpose of the website is to draw attention to your project and create an interest for reading your report for further information. The website will be read by future students, media and people without your knowledge.

 - Short abstract in Swedish and English
 - Description of the project
 - Video (if there is one)
 - Pictures and/or powerpoint

This is not a course in web design, and the design of the web site will therefore not be judged. Though, you should use the possibilities there are with web, meaning not just present plain text converted into HTML, but use links to related sites, pictures, and so on where it is suitable. Do not have too long text chunks, rather divide them into smaller parts.
If you are unsure about anything regarding the documentation, please ask a suporvisor.