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Task description
The purpose of this exercise is to bring in and share inspiration with the rest of the class. The task consists of groups visiting an inspirational site to gather inspirational material from there. To assist in discussions and to practice in the use of different perceptions there is a list of different questions that can be answered or at least reflected upon.

The collected data can be printed pictures in black and white or colour, it can be physical objects, sketches, impressions, commercials, sounds or smells, and all of this should be presented as a poster hanging visible to all in the studio.
If there is more material related to this experience that is not possible to attach to a poster, such as video or sounds, can be presented in a complementary web-page, with the URL printed at the poster.

The posters will be presented to the rest of the class Monday the 7th of November from 13.00 to 14.00 in the studios and every group has 5 minutes each to present.

Questions to reflect on in the site:
 - what is the first thing you associate with this site?
 - What is the first thing noticed in this site?
 - What social aspects are there in this site?
 - What physical aspects are there in this site?
 - What digital aspects are there in this site?
 - What is there in this site that is not visible?
 - What is specific to this site?
 - What is characteristic to this site?
 - What is your relation to this site?
 - If something unexpected was to happen in this iste, what could that be?
 - What materials are there in this site?
 - What is missing in this site?
 - Who is here?
 - How do people interact to each others in this site?
 - What traces are there in this site?
 - What do you think of the site while leaving it?

Groups and sites:
Group 1. Emergency room
Group 2. The harbour
Group 3. Playground / elementary school
Group 4. Nordstan Shopping center
Group 5. Train station
Group 6. A large construction site
Group 7. Röhsska museum
Group 8. Main library
Group 9. Järntorget
Group 10. Valhalla (entrance and the view from the café is ok)
Group 11. Hotel Gothia Towers
Group 12. Götaplatsen