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som också finns i vårt referensbibliotek

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"FLIRT: Flexible Information and Recreation for mobile users. A European Commission research project under the 'IT for Mobility' theme. The development of digital cellular structures by the mobile communications industry has generated a genuine fusion between information space and urban territory."

Inclusive Design, vad finns det för material?
"Inclusive design is a process whereby designers and manufacturers ensure that their products and services address the needs of the widest possible audience"
En webbsida som samlat information om att/var det finns mer information om metoder, modeller, exempel, mm. rörande inclusive design.

The Presence Project
"The primary goal of the Presence project was to develop new ways for ordinary people – and especially older people – to interact with computers and communications. For older people, technology is often a means – not an end in itself. It is a means, in particular, to better communications, which can reduce their dependency on welfare services. This is the thinking behind Presence. "

Social Mobiles
Design utifrån hur människor agerar med sina mobiltelefoner.
"This phone requires the user to play the tune of the phone number they wish to call. The public performance that dialing demands acts as a litmus test of when it is appropriate to make a call."

Konstnärsgrupp i Danmark som sysslar med deltagare och åskådare som färdigställare av sina verk.

underdogs & superheroes
"Methodological project exploring social relationships & misbehaviors as mediated by public spaces."

Mer interaktionsdesign med länkar till fler projekt
+ Interaction Design at the Royal College of Art

+ Interaction Design Institute Ivrea