iPhone development


Schedule changes cont. 1/9 - 2010

Now all the bookings are done. Please see the schedule for details

Schedule changes

The booking of the romms for the monday lecture are almost done, they will be 10-12 in grace hopper. It's just the lecture on the 27th September that don't have a room yet.

Booking of the rooms are final, 26/7 2010

The booking of the romms are done! The course has been placed in Sherry Turkle Lounge and the lectures will be from 10 - 12, see the schedule for more information. Sherry Turkle Lounge is at the second floor in house Patricia (the IT university) for a map, click here.

First version of the website added, 21/8 2010

Website added, beware, most content is still subject to change especially the schedule since the bookings of the romms aren't done yet. The course will however start at the 31st of August, welcome!

Course description


The course aims to give an understanding of the iPhone OS Application development process.

Learning outcome


The design and the development process of iPhone OS applications is the core of the iPhone OS Application Development course. The course focuses on the understanding and the application of the basic frameworks in the iPhone SDK. iPhone user interface controls, data persistence and basic operating system's functions are covered The course describes the Xcode IDE, the profiling tools and Objective C use in practice, geared to successful iPhone application development.


The course is based around a series of exercises and a project within the subject area which is complemented with lectures and workshops. Project work is done in group and is supervised as aims to give practical training in the development of iPhone OS Application.

Course team

Martin Hjulström, course responsible. hjulstro[at]student.chalmers.se

Morten Fjeld, examiner. morten[at]fjeld.ch