Annika Lindstedt

Educational background: Software Engineering, Chalmers

After taking a course in Human-Computer Interaction I knew that was my thing. I have always found cognitive theory, psychology and human behavior fascinating and together with my technical interest, Interaction Design became the obvious choice. Nowadays we often come across computer programs and products that are unecessarily complicated and not user friendly at all. That's why Interaction Design feels like an important field where competence will definitely be needed in the future.

So far studying Interaction Design at Chalmers has been extremely fun and interesting. Most of the teachers are very competent and inspiring. The fact that we almost solely work in groups has taught me a lot about teamwork and it's been a perfect opportunity to get to know everyone in the class. My studies at Interaction Design have without a doubt been the most enjoyable time of all my academic years!

In the future I hope to take part in developing tomorrow's user interfaces for different computer programs, the web, as wells as various displays. It would also be exciting to participate in the development of the future ways of interactions with different digital products.

Sagun Dhakhwa

Educational background: Computer Engineering, Tribhuvan University

The reason why I chose to study at Chalmers is partly because its long history of research and invention. Another advantage is that all the courses in Interaction Design are taught in English.

I am satisfied with the kind of education facilities that the program gives. The teachers are nice, especially Sus. I like her way of teaching and dealing with the students. After graduation I would like to continue my studies and aim for a P.hD.