In today’s society, while children and elderly are gaining influence they can still be considered in a broad sense as groups of vulnerable people. In many cases, they have less control of their lives and are more dependent on others to help out with various kinds of things than the average population. In addition to this, they may also have various kinds of cognitive and physical restrictions. For these reasons the term vulnerable generations will be used to denote the group children and elderly as a whole. 

In line with their increased influence, there is a growing awareness of the needs of vulnerable generations.  Innovative use of design specifically targeted towards these groups’ special needs can contribute greatly to the improvement of their wellbeing, preventing them from facing difficult or stressful situations. However, less work has been spent on developing teaching modules for design methods and practices aiming at covering the needs of elderly and children. Accordingly, more work is needed on design for these groups. 


The workshop address how designers of the future can build social innovation for vulnerable generations and thereby address important social challenges, and is a forum where educators from different fields within design can meet and exchange experiences from teaching. 

The workshop intends to bring together educators, designers, and practitioners to explore the sensitive issues regarding designing technical solutions for vulnerable generations, to discuss training needs from different perspectives, and to share best practice methods to teach designers how to design technologies for vulnerable generations - elderly and children.