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A list of design and of evaluation methods will not be offered since design and evaluation methods are tightly related. If you want an overview, the textbook lists evaluation methods in its index (but not design methods).

Textbook web support: www.hcibook.com/e3/

Other resouces in the web (plug-ins, libraries, dictionaries, free programs, etc.), e.g.:
Chalmers Library
FOLDOC Free on-line dictionary of computing
HCI Library

West-Sweden CHI
HCI in Norway (fun video)

Wikipedia on Fitt's Law
Web-based test of Fitt's Law

Marvin Minsky's Home Page
Don Norman's Home Page
Jacob Nielsen's Home Page

Example papers for design/evaluation tasks are offered here.

DESIGN PAPER 1: Sugimoto, M., Hosoi, K., Hashizume, H. (2004): Caretta: A System for Supporting Face-to-face Collaboration by Integrating Personal and Shared Spaces. In Proceedings of CHI2004, Vienna, Austria, pp.41-48.

DESIGN PAPER 2: To appear soon.

EVALUATION PAPER 1: Sachi Mizobuchi, Michiaki Yasumura (2004): Tapping vs. circling selections on pen-based devices: evidence for different performance-shaping factors. Proceedings of ACM CHI 2004, pp. 607-614.

EVALUATION PAPER 2: Miniotas, D., Spakov, O., & MacKenzie, I. S. (2004). Eye gaze interaction with expanding targets. Extended Abstracts of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, pp. 1255-1258. New York: ACM.