» Welcome to the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) course! 

The aim of this course is to give participants basic knowledge of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). The course will present and discuss human cognition and present a user's perspective to computer-supported work. The design of interactive computer systems that are effective, efficient, easy, and enjoyable to use is of prime importance. The course will cover a broad range of knowledge to support the design and evaluation of user-friendly interfaces. After this course, participants shall be able to solve standard HCI design and evaluation tasks. They shall also be able to go deeper into most HCI areas by taking advanced lectures or even by self-study. The HCI course is given by the Interaction Design Group at the Computer Science Department of Chalmers.

Lectures will be given in English, exercise reports and the assignment shall be written in English (UK or US). Succesful completion of the course gives 5 points (7.5 ETCS).

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