» examination 

To pass the course (för godkänd kurs), participants must have successfully accomplished the exercises, the assignment, and the written test. Participants must hand in the draft version of the assignment before the written test.

The final course grade is computed as following: written test counts for 60%, assignment counts for 40%, and exercises have to be passed ("godkänt"). If the written test, exercises, and/or assignment are not accepted, the whole course is not accepted.

» Exercise Details 
The one-page printed exercise report must be submitted in the "lab-skåp" at the 6th floor of Linsen. The report must follow the exercise report template and be submitted at latest one week after the exercise session it was given. Exercise reports are either accepted ("godkänt") or not accepted ("inte godkänt"). For exercises to be succesfully accomplished, 3 exercise report must be accepted within the given time limit. (NB: Even though the exercises are presented groupwise, written exercise reports are individual.)

» Assignment Details 
Both electronic AND printed assignments must be handed in.
Electronic assignment: pdf-file to hci-04@cs.chalmers.se (max 500 KB).
Printed assignment: Single-sided, printed, white paper only. Please staple the papers in correct order.

Monday 4th October 2004, 18:00: Draft version must be submitted, by E-mail AND paper.
Monday 11th October 2004: Evaluation of draft version follows per E-mail.
Monday 25rd October 2004, 18:00: Final version must be submitted, by E-mail and paper.
Tuesday 30th November & Thursday 2nd December 2004, 13:00-15:00, restaurant in Linsen: Oral feedback on assignment, Q&A.

Please submit draft and printed version of printed assignment in the "lab-skåp" at the 6th floor of Linsen.

» Test Details 
The written test is compulsory ("obligatorisk") and will take place on Monday 18th October 2004, 08:30-12:30. The place is V-Huset, please follow indications in V-Huset. The written test consist of a compulsory ("obligatorisk") part and a voluntary ("frivillig") part.

The compulsory part:
-presents questions which have a rather clear answer,
-reflects the miminum requirement to have the course accepted ("godkänt"), and
-must be accepted ("godkänt") for the voluntary part to be corrected at all.

The voluntary part:
-is for students who have answered the compulsory part AND belive they will have the compulsory part accepted ("godkänt") AND aim for a higher score (4, 5, or VG),
-consists of a few advanced questions/tasks.

NEW!!! Tuesday 16th November 2004, 13:00-15:00, restaurant in Linsen: Oral feedback on written test, Q&A ("tentegranskning").