» course modalities 

The course will require active participation in three distinct teaching modalities: lectures, exercises, and assignments. These three modalities, lectures, exercises, and assignment, are described in the following:

Participants are strongly required to actively attend the lectures (föreläsningar). Some of the important information and discussion will be given in the lectures only. Participants are strongly recommended to read the textbook respective chapter(s) before the corresponding lecture.

There will be 6 exercises (övningar). There are nine alternative session times (A-I); each student shall choose one session time, which remains fixed for the rest of the course. For each participant, physical presence and active participation in all 6 exercises is compulsory ("obligatorisk"). Each participant must hand in a written exercises report to 3 of the 6 exercises. The written report is one page and must be according to an exercise report template. This report must be written in US or UK English. For each exercise, a 5-minute group-presentation shall be prepared (this group is newly formed within each exercise session). Exercises will be handed out at the beginning of each exercise session.

Groups of 3 students (not more, not less), shall work together for the assignment (inlämningsuppgift). The criteria of the assignment will be given in the beginning of the course (available on this website). The assignment shall be 8 pages (not more, not less) and according to writing guideliness and template; assignments not respecting all this, will not be corrected nor accepted. The assignment shall be handed in twice, first as a draft version, then as a final version. The draft versions will be evaluated and feedback given per E-mail. The final version will be evaluated and graded. Detailed feedback with Q&A will be offered a few weeks later.