» compulsory ("obligatorisk") material 

Compulsory ("obligatorisk") material means that this is material which can be asked about at the written test ("tenta"). The compulsory material for this course is:

A. Dix, J. E. Finlay, G. D. Abowd, R. Beale (2004): Human-Computer Interaction, 3rd edition. Pearson Education Limited, ISBN: 0130-461091.
The compulsory chapters are given under Lecture Schedule & Notes.

Everything presented by teachers in the lectures, including the PowerPoints.

Everyting worked through by teaching assistants and teachers in the exercises.

Papers for Exercise 5 are offered here.
These are compulsory in the sense that what is said about these papers during exercises, can be asked about at the written test ("tenta"). The content of the papers themselves, is NOT compulsory:

MacKenzie and Buxton (1992): Extending Fitts' law to two-dimensional tasks. Proceedings of ACM CHI 1992 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, pp. 219--226.

Azuma, Baillot, Behringer, Feiner, Julier, MacIntyre (2001): Recent Advances in Augmented Reality. IEEE Computer Graphics, November/December 2001 (Vol. 21, No. 6), pp. 34-47.

Djajadiningrat et al. (2000): Interaction relabbelling and extreme characters

Ishii and Ullmer (1997): Tangible bits: towards seamless interfaces between people, bits and atoms

Gutwin (2000):Improving focus targeting in interactive fisheye views

Ishii et al. (1999):Ping pong plus: design of an athletic-tangible interface for computer supported cooperative play