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Lecture 7: SQL Constraints and Triggers

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Database design continued

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Database system reliability

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Active element hierarchy

From the simples to the most powerful

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Live demo


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Active element hierarchy

Use appropriate column types

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Active element hierarchy

Use inline constraints to further restrict attribute values

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Active element hierarchy

Use constraints when more than one attribute is involved

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Pattern matching

Checking that strings follow a given format

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Referential constraints

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Cascading changes

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Not widely supported :-(

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Function definitions

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Triggers on tables

Page 16

Triggers on views

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Defining functions for use in triggers

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In a trigger function executed for each row

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Local variables in functions in PL/pgSQL

Page 20

IF statements in PL/pgSQL

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Atomic transactions

All or nothing semantics

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One more example

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Further reading

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Next Time

Thursday 20/2: Alternative data models, JSON.