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Laziness is just a different kind of productivity

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Haskell is a purely functional language

In Haskell, functions are pure

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Lazy — Eager — Parallel

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Concurrency vs Parallelism

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Haskell is pure and lazy

What does this mean?

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Parallel computation in Haskell

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A small parallelisation example

Page 8

Example: speeding up a sudoku solver

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Lazy or eager, what's the difference?

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All languages have some laziness

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Examples of laziness

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Observing laziness in GHCi

Two useful commands

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Infinite lists


Page 14

Example: prime numbers

Page 15

Predefined functions that create infinite lists

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More examples

Examples where laziness improves reusability

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Newton's method

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Properties of zip

Page 19

prop_zip_length problem

Page 20

The length of infinite lists

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Lazy natural numbers

Page 22

A new length function

Page 23

prop_zip_length problem solved

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Search Example


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Tree equality

Page 26

Fringe equality

Page 27

Lazy IO

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Further reading/watching