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Graphical User Interfaces in Haskell

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Graphical User Interface Libraries

Several libraries for Graphics and GUIs can be found on Hackage:

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Today: threepenny-gui

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First: HTML and JavaScript

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Making web pages more dynamic

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JavaScript Example

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User interface elements

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Adding functionality

Adding an event handler for the button

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threepeny-gui first example

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mkButton :: String -> UI Element
mkButton label =
  do button <- mkElement "input"
     button # set (attr "type") "button"
     button # set (attr "value") label
     return button
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Event handlers


counterExample w =
  do input <- mkElement "input"
     button <- mkButton "Increment"
     getBody w #+ [element input,element button]
     let incr _ = do s <- input # get value
                     let v = read s
                     input # set value (show (v+1))
     on click button incr
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GUI programming in a functional style?

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What is a Fudget?

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What is a Fudget?
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What is a Fudget?
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What is a Fudget?
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What is a Fudget?

Pure functions as fudgets

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ThreepennyFudgets Demo

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See also

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See also