Masters thesis proposal exercise


In this exercise you should write a proposal for a Masters thesis, following the advice given in the lecture. You may also find Peter Damashke’s advice useful, and perhaps Simon Peyton Jones’ advice on writing a good research proposal (although you can ignore the discussion of funding agencies).

You can, if you wish, write a proposal for this course that is not about the Masters project you intend to carry out—but you must write a convincing proposal even so.

The intention is, of course, to help you write a good proposal for your real Masters thesis, which is due on December 16th. Just as with your real Masters thesis, you are permitted—even encouraged—to work in a group of two people.

You should submit a first draft of your thesis proposal using the Fire system, by December 5th. Even if your proposal is incomplete, you should submit what you have on the 5th. We aim to give you detailed feedback within a week (assuming you submit on time), which you can then use to prepare the final version for submission on the 16th December. This final version should be submitted both as your real thesis proposal (if that is your plan), and through the Fire system for assessment for this course.

Information on the Masters thesis process is available here.