Course Evaluation

The course should have at least 3-4 student representatives from each university. The students representatives will meet the responsible of the course a couple of times during the study period of the course. In these meetings the student representatives should write the minutes. The final meeting takes place after the exam, sometime during the next study period. Representatives from both the IT and GU programmes are usually present in this last meeting and take notes.

Link to the protocol of 2015/2016 evaluation.

Student Representatives at Chalmers

Anton Levholm, mail: levholm(at)student(dot)chalmers(dot)se
Oscar Hansson, mail: oschan(at)student(dot)chalmers(dot)se
Patricia Zabecka, mail: zabecka(at)student(dot)chalmers(dot)se
Sabina Samuelsson, mail: sabsam(at)student(dot)chalmers(dot)se

Student Representatives at GU

Adi Hrustic, mail: gushruad(at)student(dot)gu(dot)se
Hugo Lundin, mail: guslundihu(at)student(dot)gu(dot)se
Jimmy Lundqvist, mail: guslundji(at)student(dot)gu(dot)se
My Sundqvist, mail: guscarosu(at)student(dot)gu(dot)se

First meeting: 6th of April, protocol.
Second meeting: 12th of May, protocol.