During the exam, you can only have with you the following material:

This year’s exams

Past exams

Some previous exams are available below for reference.

More exams?

The list above will give you a pretty good idea what to expect from an exam. Of course, the course has been run by different teachers and each of them has its own style. If you still want more exams, you can get a copy of them from the Studieexpedition. The structure of the exam and the type of questions is not drastically changing throughout the years. It is true that the used programming languages can be different but the problems the past exams asked to solve are likely still relevant.

Only registered students can take the exam

Starting in study period 1 2017, as a decision by Chalmers’ Vice president for undergraduate and master’s education, it is obligatory to register for exams. Students who do not register will not be able to take the exam even if there are free places.