Homomorphic Encryption: From Scratch To Quantum

Public presentation by Carlo Brunetta
on Tue. 25 April 2017 at 15:30-17:30 in room EDIT 3364
Homomorphic Encryption is the new path for merge *security* with *computation*. In this seminar, we will start from the scratch as *what crypto is all about* and then we will try to understand the main idea of bootstrapping. Then the security will take place and it will be explained *why* HE is considered post-Quantum, a.k.a. resistant to a quantum computer, and *why* is not completely deployable today. At the end, we will change cards and see quantum computer in order to use them as friends that can be used in order to construct quantum homomorphic encryption schemes.
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Introductory papers
  • Gentry : Computing Arbitrary Functions of Encrypted Data (CACM 2010)
  • Advanced papers
  • C. Gentry et al. : Homomorphic Encryption from Learning with Errors: Conceptually-Simpler, Asymptotically-Faster, Attribute-Based (CRYPTO 2013)
  • Yfke Dulek et al. : Quantum Homomorphic Encryption for Polynomial-Sized Circuits (CRYPTO 2016)
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