Information about the course

Content of the course

This course provides an introduction to the problems common to concurrent and parallel systems such as operating systems and distributed systems, but also systems that require parallelization such as internet services and multi-player games.

The official course syllabus (memo) is available in the student portal.


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Grading guidelines and requirements to pass the course

We will asset your knowledge of the content of the course both in the labs and in the final exam. The course awards a total of 100 points: a maximum of 68 points for the exam, and a maximum of 32 points for the labs.

Exam grading

Labs grading

Each lab submission receives points when it is marked as passing; the amount of points depends on the lab and on how many of your previous submissions of the same lab were rejected.

Accepted at attempt #1 Accepted at attempt #2 Accepted at attempt #3
Lab 1 10 7 5
Lab 2 6 4 3
Lab 3 10 7 5
Lab 4 6 4 3

Overall grading