Assignment submission

Assignment submissions will be done through the Fire submission system.

Registering in the system

The first thing you have to do is to register yourself for the submission system. Everyone has to do this, it’s not once per group.

  1. Go to the Fire submission system and follow Click here to register as a student.
  2. Enter a valid e-mail address, and a message will be sent to that address with a link for further registration. This step is only to avoid fake registrations. The e-mail address that you give will be your user name.
  3. Go to the link that you received by e-mail. You will reach a page that will prompt you to enter your personal details.
  4. Enter your details, and choose a password, then press Register. You will now be successfully registered with the system.

The second step is to create and join a group. Note: Everyone must join a group, even those of you who have been given permission to do the assignment alone.

  1. Log in to the system (same link as above) and press the Join group button.
    • If you are the first person in your group to do this press, Create new group. A new group will be created for you, and you will be given a password (it will also be sent to your mail). Give this password to your lab partner, he or she will need it to join your group.
    • If your partner has created a group already, ask him or her for the group number and the password. Enter these in the fields under Join existing group and press Join group. You will be asked if you’re sure, which you probably are.
  2. Now both of you will have joined the group, and can start using the system for real.


It is possible to change your group later in the term if that turns out to be necessary. Groups are changed on basis of a task. First you have to leave the group by clicking the Leave group button for the group you want to leave. After this you may join another group for that assignment.

Submitting PostgreSQL database account request

Use the Fire system under PostgreSQL database account request to request your group account for the PostgreSQL database. Just submit without any attached files, we shall generate an account for you. This information will be sent manually, so there could a a delay of a day or two before you get the account information, so please request your PostgreSQL account in good time.

Submitting tasks

To submit a task, you have to

  • Log in to the Fire submission system (it does not matter which one of you is submitting the solution, as long as both of you have joined the group).
  • Upload the files that make up your solution for the concerned task. See note below on file formats.
  • Press Submit to submit your solution. Do not forget this!
  • As soon as your submission has been reviewed (that means either accepted or rejected) you will receive a mail. You can possibly download comments to your solution: Therefore you have to log on to the submission system again and display the files called comment.
  • In the case of a rejected solution you will have to upload a corrected version and submit again.


Submit your work as separate files e.g. as .txt and .pdf files in Assignment 1, and as .sql and .java files in later assignments. It is easier for the graders to inspect separate files than to open archived packages.

Keep a copy of your work

The files in the Fire system might be deleted sometime after the end of the course, so you should keep a copy of your solutions for your own reference.