Doodles for lab/exercise sessionsΒΆ

The lab and exercise rooms allocated for this course have a joint capacity that can hold all registered students of this course. However, we noticed that several of these rooms are underutilized and are therefor concentrating our efforts.

Students can indicate whether they wish a TA to be present during sessions, by filling out the doodles below for each individual session. As a student, select the room you will attend for a certain session. Please only have one entry per student so we are counting correctly.

We will add more rooms if there is a need (when more students sign up than the rooms can hold).

In short: signup for a room for the lab sessions. TAs will only attend rooms for which people have signed up. The other allocated rooms may be used by students, but no TA will be present.

Week 47:

Week 48:

Week 49:

Week 50: