Assignments: All One Needs to Know

Finite Automata Theory and Formal Languages

TMV027/DIT321, LP4 2015

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Important Note
The assignments in this course are obligatory
and part of the examination of the course.
They are to be thought, written and submitted individually.

The course has, as part of the examination, obligatory weekly assignments to be done individually.
There will be 7 assignments and the total amount of points for all assignments together will be 64 points.

To pass the assignment part of the course one needs to get at least 50% of the sum of the points of all the weekly assignments together, that is, one needs to get at least 32 points in total.

Important Note

Be aware that assignments are part of the examination. Hence, standard procedure will be followed if cheating is suspected. Please read carefully the page on cheating and its consequences.

Who should submit?

Chalmers: All the students who are registered in the code TMV027 and have NOT passed the assignments part before.
GU: All the students who have registered or re-register to the course in VT2013 or later, and have NOT passed the assignments part before.
Earlier students (registered in TMV026 or in DIT321 before VT2013) are encourage to re-register to the new version of the course. If they chose not to, they shall NOT submit. Instead their exam will be 7.5pts and not 6pts like for those who need to do the assignments.

When to submit?

Links to the assignments with preliminary deadlines: Each assignment will be made available not later than 1 week before the deadline.

What to submit?

Failure to comply with any of these requirements invalidates a submission, in part or in full.

How to submit?

The course will use (a new version of) the Fire system to administrate the submissions.

Fire Account: In order to submit the assignments each student MUST open an account in Fire: click on "register as a student" and fill in the requested information. One MUST supply the personal number!
After that, one will get an email with a confirmation link. After clicking on that link the account is ready to use and one can log-in to it.
This must be done only once, before one submits the first assignment.

Submission: EACH submission can be done in two different ways:

Whatever method a student has used for the submission, once the assignment has been corrected the student will get an email with the points he/she has got in it and some comments from the grader.