MBT: Model-Based Testing

Study period 4, 2015
Mon 23 March - Wed 27 May, 2015
Course codes: DIT848/GU and DAT260/Chalmers, 7.5 hp

Given by Computer Science and Engineering at
Chalmers Technical University and The University of Gothenburg

Place: Refer to the schedule presented in Lectures for the lecture rooms concerning the work on the assignments.

The practical part of the course will be done in the form of mini-projects performed in groups. Each group will consist of 3 persons (exceptionally a group of 2 might be allowed). Each group will choose a software system to be tested (among those proposed by the teachers, or proposed by the group).

Each group will do the following activities when working on their mini-projects: perform manual tests, test using JUnit, analyse test coverage, write properties to perform property-based testing, develop a testing model using EFSM, and use ModelJUnit to perform MBT (including the development of an adaptor).

Besides the lectures presenting the theoretical content of the course serving as background knowledge to work on the mini-projects, there will be some tutorials on specific topics. Also, there will be meetings to discuss the progress of each group on their work on the mini-projects as well as few mandatory meetings with each group. These meetings will happen in the slots marked as "Group work and consultation" (see the "Lectures" tab in the menu above). The course assistant will communicate the specific meeting dates in advance to each group.

Deadlines: Each group will have to deliver 3 "reports" in the following dates:

The detailed description of the activies to be performed and the content for each report will be communicated by the course assistent in due time, and will be posted here. Besides the above, the students should present their work at the end of the course. Refer to the schedule in Lectures for the date and place of the final presentation.

Required Software: This will be communicated by the course assistant in due time. There will be some slots reserved for helping students to set their machines (refer to Lectures).

Description of mini-projects: A description of the proposed mini-projects, as well as other practical aspects related to the practical may be found the MBT 2015 mini-projects.

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