Software Engineering using
Formal Methods
TDA293/DIT270, LP1, HT2014

Exam Notes

General Information In the last week of the course we schedule a Question and Answer session, see Lectures and Schedule.

The written exam (4 hours) will take place 31 October 2014, 2.00 pm in Hörsalsvägen 5. See also the study portal.

Exam registration should be done at least three weeks before the exam date in the course portal (for exact date see studieportalen).

Exam Contents

You are supposed to have a good understanding of the contents of the lectures, the exercises and the labs. The Lecture Notes describe the contents of each lecture.

The principle we apply in designing the exam questions is that if you have done and understood the lab assignments, you should be able to pass the exam.

Exam Aids

You are not allowed any aids besides a dictionary. The problems emphasize understanding of the concepts rather than memorizing. Minor syntax errors in Java code will not be punished. If in doubt, use extra brackets to clarify association.

Trial Exam

Here, you find two trial exams:

We strongly recommend to only look at solutions after having made very serious attempts yourself.

The trial exams are meant to support you in your preparation. Note that the real exam is in no way limited to the kind of questions nor to the topics covered by the trial exams.

Exam Solutions

Here, you find the solutions of the exam written 31/10/2014. Please note that the solutions are only suggestions and some tasks could be solved in other ways, too.

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