Lectures take place on Mondays 8-10 and Wednesdays 8-10 in ED; not all available times are used. The complete schedule is available in TimeEdit here. Note that if you use an iCal- or vCal-compatible calendar, you can download the course schedule from TimeEdit.

The following is a preliminary plan for the lectures. Changes will be announced on this web site. Slides from the lectures will normally be available on this page in advance of the lecture.

Last year's slides are already here. Changes may occur; a new version is indicated by changing 'X' to 'new' in the links below.

Lecture#DateTopicSlides for printing
1March 17Introduction, project overview.new
2March 19Software Engineering for Compilersnew code
3March 24LLVM. Tools, language.new
4March 26Code generation for LLVMnew code
5March 31Project extensions: Arrays, dynamic structures, objects.new
6April 2Code generation for x86.new
7April 7Control flow graphs, data flow analysis.new
8April 9More on code optimization.new
9April 28Functionsnew
10May 5TBD