The content of the flaps above are explained below.
The information here reflects the course that is (was) given period I, 2013.
Lecturer: Erland Holmström, erland, please add " at" , tel. 031-772 1007.
My room is in the ED-building, room 6474 on floor 6, the north-west corner of the building. Map (pdf)
Best way to reach me is through e-mail.

Assistants: (can only be reached by email or at "handledning/övning")
Alexander Sjösten sjosten.alexander , please add " at".
John Johansson johanssonjohn91 , please add " at".
Alejandro Sanchez alesandro , please add " at".
Joakim Persson joakimperssson , please add " at".

Erland, Alexander, John, Alejandro, Joakim

Course representatives:
Sebastian Sandberg sebsan, please add "".
Daniel Eineving danein, please add "".
Ina Ttan inat, please add "".

In the flaps above you find:

(If a page is static its content does not change (very much). If it is dynamic it changes often.)
Course Info (Static)
This page with general information aboute the course like Course memo (KursPM), aims and schedule.
Latest news (Very Dynamic)
This is the place where we tell you about things that happens during the course, when they happen. (Changed schedule, corrections, errors somewhere on the webpage or in a labPM and so on.) Check in regularly.
Course material (Very Dynamic)
The content and schedule of lectures and exercises. Copies of slides and solutions can be found here. This is also where you find information about the course book, programming assignments, theory assignements and so on.
This is a mixture of plans (things that has not happend yet) and what happend on a specific lecture.
Many links are empty but are "filled" when that material has "materialised" i.e. when the lecture slides are ready.
Assignments (Dynamic)
Programming assingments (labbar) can be found here.
Links (Static)
Links to different interesting things like Java/datastructures/algorithms resourses on the web, study skills, books, Java ...
Cheating (Static)
What is cheating and what happens when you cheat (in swedish).

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