General Course Information

E-mail contact

Please, use the following e-mail address for contact in any course related matter:
tda382 at googlegroups dot com .

You can also visit the google group web page and register!

Course related e-mail to any other e-mail address than the one above might not be handled at all or at lowest priority at best. You have been warned!


Tutors and Lab Supervisors

For exercises, lab supervision and grading:

  • Staffan Björnesjö
  • Staffan
  • Pablo Buiras
  • Pablo
  • Michal Palka
  • Michal
  • Ann Lilieström (only grading, no supervision)
  • Ann

Course Representatives

  • Ho, Nhat Minh (
  • Kristiansson, Alexander R. (
  • Österberg, Simon (
  • Ek, Fredrik (
  • Stigsson, Robert (

Passing requirements

Your performance in the course is marked on a scale of 100 point, of which the exam carries 68, and each of the 4 labs carries 8. For each lab, you get 8 points for acceptance on your first submission, 6 points for acceptance on your second submission, and 4 points for acceptance on your third submission.

The grade boundaries are 40 points for Grade 3, 60 points for Grade 4, and 80 points for Grade 5.

There are additional requirements for passing the course (i.e., for Grade 3). You need at least 24 points from the exam, and you must pass all the labs. The exam and the lab requirements need not be met during the same course instance.

Timeframe to get feedback for your labs

When you submit a lab, assistants have a maximum period of 4 working days to provide you with feedback. If they do not fulfill this for any reason, you are entitled to negotiate an extension of your final deadline directly with them.

From the course plan

"Concurrent programming plays a vital role in systems where many events appear to occur simultaneously. This course aims to provide an introduction to the problems common to concurrent systems such as operating systems, distributed systems and real-time systems, and practical knowledge of the programming constructs and techniques offered by modern concurrent programming languages."

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