There are four assignments ("laborations") for all students.

You will need a partner to complete the assignments. To complete the assignments in any other form of a group (or alone) you will need a very good reason and a permission from the main course responsible.

There is a list of times when one of us will be available to help out in a computer room.

IMPORTANT: Last grading date

All assignments must be submitted by the deadline. All corrections to assignments must be resubmitted within the two weeks following the deadline, except for assignment 4 whose final deadline will be on 16 March 2013. No labs submitted after the final deadline will be graded.

We guarantee an assignment to be graded within 4 working days. If grading takes longer, you may receive a final deadline extension to compensate for the delay. But the 4 days count only from the initial deadline, so early submissions might wait longer for grading. The 4 days count from the time you submit!

Assignment with Deadlines

Assignment 1 (Trainspotting)
  • Deadline 4 Feb 2013, 9:00
Assignment 2 (Trainspotting 2)
  • Deadline 14 Feb 2013, 23:59
Assignment 3 (Tea shop simulation)
  • Deadline 1 March 2013, 23:59
Assignment 4 (Linda in Erlang)
  • Deadline 8 March 2013, 23:59


When finished you should submit your assignment for correction in the on-line Fire system, which is now activated.

Previously passed labs

If you have passed all the laboratory assignments in a previous year, please get a note from the administration confirming this. You will receive 24 points towards your grade.

If you have passed some but not all lab assignments, the default position is that you must re-do all the labs. But you may submit text files for each passed assignment with the information on when you passed it and if you are a Chalmers or GU student (for example: "Passed in VT06, Chalmers student"). If we can check your files, you will receive 6 points towards your grade for each such previously passed assignment.

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