Course evaluation

April 2011

Final course evaluation meeting for (Chalmers TDA342 / GU DIT260)

The final evaluation meeting will be in April. The report should (according to the central guidelines) contain the following:
  1. Summarising judgment.
  2. Goal fulfilment (cmp. course to learning outcomes).
  3. Organisation and pedagogy.
  4. Study climate.
  5. Desirable changes for next year.

February 2011

Course evaluation meeting for (Chalmers TDA342 / GU DIT260)

Advanced Functional Programming (7.5 hec), Spring 2011 The evaluation meeting took place on Friday 2011-02-11.

1 Introduction round

2 Changes in the course since last year

3 Study climate (communication, work load, supervision).

4 Problematic course items; can resources be used better?

The graphics in the lab could be done with Gtk or even just generate the SVG.

5 Course-specific questions in questionnaire; other material for final meeting

Notes by Patrik Jansson, 2011-02-11 For reference:

Responsibilities of the student representatives

As a student representative it is your responsibility to When the course evaluation has been completed, each student representative will get a voucher, valid for 200 kronor at Cremona