August 2010

Exam + solutions.

The written re-exam took place on 2010-08-24 (see the portal).

In connection with the re-exam we also organised a "re-lab" for those who tried but failed to do the labs during study period 3 2010. If you handed in solutions to the labs by 2010-08-23 (the day before the written exam) and presented your solution to me during a discussion slot on 2010-08-25, then you would be graded again on the lab without having to wait for 2011. (Nobody took this opportunity.)

March 2010

AFP exam + solutions for March 2010.

Wed Mar 10: Final written exam 14.00-18.00.

News for 2010

Permitted aids in conjunction with the examination: You may bring up to two pages (on one A4 sheet of paper) of pre-written notes - a "summary sheet". These notes may be typed or handwritten. They may be from any source. If this summary sheet is brought to the exam it must also be handed in with the exam (so make a copy if you want to keep it).

The pedagogical idea of the summary sheet is that the process of writing it is at least as important as the sheet itself.

March 2009


Example solutions

March 2008


Example solutions

Older exams

Practice exam AFP 2006, Exam December 2006. Note that the examination rules have varied over the years, so look at the contents, not at the formalities.