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Lava 4

Hardware Description and Verification

Thomas Hallgren


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Parallel prefix circuits and fast adders in Lava

Sklansky, the most well-know way of computing parallel prefix

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Back to our example

From the zero detection circuit example

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Back to our example

Apply the same trick to the linear solution

First implementationRewrite it into
nz_detect3 [] = low
nz_detect3 (a:as) = out
    out = or2(a,out2)
    out2 = nz_detect3 as
chain op [a] = a
chain op (a:as) = out 
    out = op(a,out2)
    out2 = chain op as
nz_detect3 = chain or2

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Comparing the two connection patterns

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Comparing two connection patterns

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Measuring combinatorial circuit depth

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Measuring combinatorial circuit depth
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Measuring combinatorial circuit depth

We can also write functions that involve both circuit components and arbitrary Haskell values

This hints at very powerful techniques for constructing circuits!

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Linear chains

Remember row?

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Classifying connection patterns

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Ripple carry adder revisited

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Carry Generate and Propagate

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Combining generate and propagate signals

When would the combination of two full adders generate/propagate carry?

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Fast adder components

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The Parallel Prefix Problem

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The Parallel Prefix Problem

Uses for parallel prefix circuits

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The Parallel Prefix Problem in Lava

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Serial prefix solution

Circuit diagram for ripple

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Serial prefix solution

How does ripple work?

ripple (*) [a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h]
  =  a: ripple (*) [ab,c,d,e,f,g,h]
  =  a: ab: ripple (*) [abc,d,e,f,g,h]
  =  a: ab: abc: ripple (*) [abcd,e,f,g,h]
  =  a: ab: abc: abcd: ripple (*) [abcde,f,g,h]
  =  a: ab: abc: abcd: abcde: ripple (*) [abcdef,g,h]
  =  a: ab: abc: abcd: abcde: abcdef: ripple (*) [abcdefg,h]
  =  a: ab: abc: abcd: abcde: abcdef: abcdefg: ripple (*) [abcdefgh]
  =  a: ab: abc: abcd: abcde: abcdef: abcdefg: [abcdefgh]
  = [a, ab, abc, abcd, abcde, abcdef, abcdefg, abcdefgh]

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Serial prefix solution

Lava code

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Tree shaped prefix solution

Circuit diagram

Originally idea published by Sklansky in 1960

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Tree shaped prefix solution

How do we implement sklansky in Lava?

sklansky (*) [a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h] = ?

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Tree shaped prefix solution

Lava Code

sklansky op [a] = [a]
sklansky op as = bs++rs
    (as1,as2) = halveList as
    bs = sklansky op as1
    cs = sklansky op as2
    bn = last bs
    rs = [op(bn,c)|c<-cs]

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Measuring circuit depth

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Assembling an adder

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Clever circuits

A simple example: leaving some inputs disconnected

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Formal verification

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Other parallel prefix solutions

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Brent Kung

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Ladner Fischer


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