Hardware Description and Verification

Lava take home exam 2010

Important Documents

  1. Lava Take Home Exam - Problem description (PDF)
  2. LavaExamRemoved10.hs - use this Haskell file as starting point to save time.
  3. EFile10.hs - useful definitions and hints
  4. EDraw08.hs - Haskell functions for drawing diagrams of parallel prefix circuits

Papers that are directly relevant

  1. Brent Kung
  2. Paper showing Brent Kung and Kogge Stone patterns

Reference material about adders

  1. Page showing various adders, allowing you to change sizes, simulate etc. These diagrams are flipped with respect to mine, in that they have the least significant input at top right, and I have it at top left.
  2. Great page with many classic papers about adders (some old and fascinating, link not always available)

For the extra assignment (high radix Kogge Stone)

  1. Higher Radix Kogge Stone Parallel Prefix Adder Architectures, Gurkaynak et al, ISCAS 2000

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers will be added here. No questions have been received yet.

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