Hardware Description and Verification TDA956, LP4, VT2009

News and Updates

  • (100314) 2010 News. 2010 course home page.

  • (090622) A simple statistical summary of the exam results is now available.

  • (090517) The Lava take home exam is now available. The deadline is Friday May 22, 23:59:59.

  • (090514) The slides from the presentations of Obsidian and Wired by Joel Svensson and Emil Axelsson are now available: Obsidian (pdf), Wired (pdf).

  • (090513) The slides from Satnam Singh's lecture are now available: pptx

  • (090504) The slides from Wolfgang Kunz's lecture today are now available: pdf 2 per page.

  • (090430) Notes from the mid-course feedback meeting are now available. A standardized, online, anonymous course evaluation questionaire will be open from May 18 to June 3.

  • (090427) Slides for the lecture tomorrow (Tuesday, April 28) are now available from the Schedule page.

  • (090427) The Lava Lab for 2009 is now available from the Assignments page. The exercises are the same as last year, I just updated the deadline and added a sentence about carry-save numbers.

  • (090420) The written exam from 2008 is now available. I don't have any solutions, but feel free to discuss the questions and post solutions in the discussion forum.

  • (090420) The VHDL take home exam is now available from the Assignments page. The deadline is Friday April 24, 23:59:59.

  • (090401) The simple model checker in Haskell that I presented in the lecture yesterday is now available.

  • (090326) The slides Magnus Björk used in his lecture today are now available (pdf).

  • (090323) I need the names of two student representatives for the course evaluation by Thursday. I know someone volunteered during the first lecture, but I didn't write down your name. Please send me an email (hallgren at chalmers dot se)!

  • (090323) There will be no lecture on Tuesday, March 24. (We covered everything during the Monday lecture). Magnus Björk will give a third lecture on PSL on Thursday, as planned.

  • (090320) Correction on the page on Accessing the tools: you can use the computers remoteX.student.chalmers.se (where X=1,2,3,4 or 5), not remote.chalmers.se.

  • (090320) There is now a google group for the course: http://groups.google.com/group/hdv-2009

  • (090317) The slides Øystein Kolsrud used in the lecture yesterday are now available (pdf).

  • (090316) There is now a link from the student portal page to the course home page.

  • (090309) The first lecture is on Monday, March 16 at 13.15 in EB.

  • (090119) Thomas Hallgren will be responsible for the course (kursansvarig) this year.

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