Hardware Description and Verification TDA956, LP4, VT2008

You are not required to buy any textbook for this course. We will make course materials available online, and mark them as [online] below. Read these documents! As general reference for the course, we will use the Handbook on EDA for IC System Design, Verification, and Testing (ed. Scheffer, Lavagno, Martin).This is available as an e-Book via the Chalmers library (link to the Chalmers e-book collection, available only when logged in to a Chalmers computer). Search on CRCnetBASE. How much of this you need to look at depends on your background. I will give guidance on that during lectures and on the schedule. I will call it "the eBook".

However, we also mention some other textbooks below in case you wish to consider buying them. See also the links page for further sources of information.

First part:

Second part:

Suggested reading for the VHDL books:

Ashenden: Chapter 1-7, 8 (sect 1-4 briefly, 5 important), 11.1, 12, 20.1 (only for reference), 21.3, App A (briefly), App B-C (for reference).

Sjöholm & Lindh: chapter 1-5, 6 (except sect 6), 8 (sect 0, 1), 9 (sect 0-9), 12, 13 (sect 0), 14 (sect 1, 3, 4)

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