Instructions for installing lava.tar.gz

This is a version of Lava that works with the Glasgow Haskell Complier GHC(i) 6.8.X and 6.10.X
  1. Unpack lava.tar.gz the files to the location of choice.

  2. Change the path in Lava2000/Modules/LavaDir.hs and the scripts in Lava2000/Bin/ from

    to your location.
  3. Install GHC:

    On Ubuntu:

    apt-get install ghc

    On Fedora:

    yum install ghc

    On other systems:

    Something similar to the above might work. Otherwise you can also get GHC from

  4. Download SMV from and follow the installation instructions.

  5. Change the path in Lava2000/Scripts/smv.wrapper to the smv binary.

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