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TDA361 - Computer graphics 2009 lp1      
Anmälningskod (för www.studera.nu): CTH-23630
Examiner: Ulf Assarsson
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Examination (written):
TDA361/0107 Tentamen, tillfälle 1: 2009-10-19- em, Johanneberg, Duration: 4 Hours
TDA361/0107 Tentamen, tillfälle 2: 2010-01-11- fm, Johanneberg, Duration: 4 Hours
Permitted Technical Aids: none except English dictionary.

Previous exams: This course is a concatenation of TDA360 and EA425 and for those, you can find previous exams here below. TIP: This course's exam will focus less on the maths (compared to the previous exams in Avancerad Datorgrafik) and less on OpenGL programming (compared to Datorgrafik) and more on the theory and algorithms. Example of a typical exam