Formal Methods for Software Development TDA294/DIT271, LP1, HT2020

Additional Information about Examination

Please consult the course syllabus in Canvas for information on the nature and scope of the oral examination.

Most examination slots are between 26th and 30th of October (the normal examination week). I also offer some slots in the week after (3rd, 4th, 5th November).

The oral examinations take place in room 6467, in the office areas of the department of Computer Science and Engineering (D&IT, EDIT building Johanneberg). From the main entrance at Rännvägen 6B, go up the stair case to floor 6. There is a glass door, labelled with "Kansli D&IT". Please wait at that door, we will pick you up. Be there a few minutes before the start of your slot, but don't get nervous if we are slightly delayed, that can easily happen. (The doors to the department cannot be opened with the student card.)

Below, you find a link to a page where you can book a slot. Please enter, in the name field, your full name. Only the course teacher can see this information, everyone else only sees that your slot is booked. Note down which slot you are booking (it is not visible to you afterwards).

Please book your time here, choosing exactly one slot.

The location of the oral examination will be announced here later. It will be in the EDIT building in any case.

On popular request, I make available trial exams of the predecessor course (TDA293/DIT270, until 2016). It is three exams, each in two versions, one without and one with solutions.

Recall these are exams for the predecessor course, which had written exams of 4 hours, instead of oral examination of 30 minutes. Also, there are some differences in content of the two courses. Those do however not affect the answers to the trial exam questions. Therefore, this material is well suited for training, also for the current course.

Note: Even if the written trial exams of the predecessor course provide good training also for the oral exam of this course, they do not give a good indication of coverage and style of the questions in the oral exam. See instead the course syllabus.

Trial exams without solutions:

The same trial exams with solutions:

W. Ahrendt, Oct 29, 2020