Master's Thesis Course at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering


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The Roles of the Advisor, Supervisor and Examiner

Within your work on the master's thesis you will be monitored by the advisors, supervisor(s) and an examiner. If you do your work at a company or organization, there will
be an advisor appointed by them. There should also be an academic supervisor from the department. The examiner is an additional person who approves all elements of the
master's thesis and assigns a grade. The examiner is usually assigned before the planning report.

The Roles of the Advisor and the Supervisor

The Advisor
The industrial adviser is only appointed if you carry out your thesis work outside of the department, for example at a company. In this case the advisor is assigned by the
company and he/she is expected to follow your work on a day by day basis and assist you whenever needed.

The Supervisor
The academic supervisor within the department will be assigned when your proposal is approved, and guides the thesis process, gives feedback and assesses when a thesis report
is ready for presentation. For a thesis work within the department the academic supervisor will have the same role as the external advisor, that is to follow the work on a daily basis.
If you have an external advisor then the academic supervisor will monitor your work on a weekly basis and try to assist you on issues where the company canīt be of assistance. It is in
collaboration with the academic supervisor that you set up your planning report. In regular, (weekly), intervals you report your progress to him/her. When you are reaching the end of the
work the internal supervisor determines when you are ready to present your work and when to hand in your work to the examiner.

The Role of the Examiner

The examiner assesses and determines the result of your work in the proposal, halfway seminar and thesis report. He/she will do this based on his/her evaluation and on consulting the
academic supervisor. The outcome of these can be:

  • Proposal
    • Approved.
    • Improvement required.
    • Not approved.
  • Planning report
    • Approved.
    • Improvement required.
    • Not approved.
  • Halfway presentation and report draft
    • Approved.
    • Terminated.
  • Thesis presentation and report
    • Pass.
    • Pass after required improvements within a limited period of time.
    • Fail.