Master's Thesis Course at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering


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Learning Objectives and Prerequisities

Learning Objectives

Knowledge and Understanding

  • To be able to demonstrate broad knowledge of the scientific and engineering area of the master's program and specialization in certain parts of this area.
  • To be able to demonstrate insight into current research and development work.
  • Being able to critically, independently and creatively identify and formulate scientific problems and engineering challenges to be addressed in the thesis.
  • To plan and undertake advanced tasks using appropriate methods that contribute with knowledge within predetermined timeframes and be able to evaluate the results
    with respect to existing knowledge and state of the art presented in professional and scientific literature.
  • Be able to critically and systematically integrate knowledge and to analyze, assess and deal with complex phenomena, scientific problems and engineering challenges.
  • Be able to clearly communicate conclusions and discuss the knowledge and arguments on which they are based when addressing both a scientific audience and the general public.

Judgement and Approach

  • Be able to make assessments on the basis of relevant disciplinary, social and ethical issues and demonstrate awareness of ethical aspects of research and development work.
  • Demonstrate insight into the possibilities and limitations of research, its role in society and the responsibility of the individual for how it is used.
  • Be able to identify a need for further knowledge and take responsibility for personal ongoing learning.


For Students at Chalmers

Students pursuing the five-year Master of Science education must have acquired at least 225 hec before beginning work on a master's thesis project.
Students who only take part in a Master's program must have acquired at least 45 hec within the program before starting the master's thesis work. In order to assure good progress, it is highly
recommended not to start the thesis work before completing 75 hec within the master's program. For a specific thesis proposal there might also be additional prerequisites meaning that specific
courses relevant to the thesis work have to be passed before starting the master's thesis project. These are minimum requirements but it is recommended that you finish most of the courses within your
master's program before you start your master's thesis project.

For Students at the University of Gothenburg

To be eligible for the master's thesis course:
On the Software Engineering programs: the equivalent of 75 hec is required
On the Computer Science program: the equivalent of 90 hec is required
In both cases this is without counting credits from an earlier, first cycle (Bachelor) degree.
At least 60 hec (or more) must come from courses on the advanced (Master) level, out of which 45 hec (or more) must come from courses within the Computer Science/Software Engineering area.
A first cycle (Bachelor) degree is assumed in general. In particular, a Bachelor thesis (15 hec) is required as a prerequisite.
Not only the number of points is important, the courses taken should also be suitable for the project at hand.